Break Time 

Hi my blog readers, hope everything is going well with everyone. I know some of you have probably been thinking where the heck I’ve has kidnapped me. As you all know this is my last year of college so that means tougher classes for my senior year. If I’m not studying or working I’m knocked out sleep… which means I have no time to write out blog content 😕. So for this month I’m taking a break. The plan for this month is to get everything settled with school, then around thanksgiving break I’ll be drafting up blog content to be published in December. I will still be taking request for book reviews so feel free to get in contact with me through email. Expect some good stuff in December guys!!! Talk to you all soon!! 😊

5 Things That Keep You Motivated

HI HI MY BLOG READERS! Brief update on life.. I started my last year of college and OMG when I say my sleeping schedule is out of whack it is all the way out of whack! I had to figure out a new schedule to push out content. Since school is back in session I want to be able to give you all the best while not being overwhelmed. So I decided posting a few times a month works best for me at the moment.  This way I’m able to balance out everything and give everything my all. 🙂 SO! The new content for this post is 5 Things that Keep You Motivated. Everybody needs motivation no matter where it comes from.  Be it family, friends, or from accomplishments, it helps us get the job done. Here are a few things that I felt could keep a person motivated.



To me family is the  BIGGEST motivation. You want them to be proud of the person that you  have become , and the accomplishments that you have made throughout life. Let them know all the raising they did  and things that they taught you  didn’t go to waste, it kept your head straight and right where it needed to be. Even if you might not have agreed with everything they said. They will always be behind you every step of the way when nobody else will. Making your family proud of you should be the biggest push that you need and aim for.


You never know what opportunity will come knocking at your door. Whether it’s a new job, new internship, or a new connection. Opportunities are an abundant and there something to look forward to. Put in your all when it comes to work. I know that sometimes it might get hard and you want to give up but…DON’T! You never know who is watching or seeing the great things that you are doing.  Also meet new people you never know how you can help them out in the long run or how they might be able to help you out. A connection goes a long way.




Everybody has goals. Some goals might be small and some goals might be big but everybody has the same agenda.. accomplishing those goals. Being able to reach those goals really make you feel like you can do anything. Some goals might take longer than others but the main thing is being able to complete those goal. For example five years of college was not in the goal list but life worked out a little differently. I know it’s not what I had planned for but you know what I never know what that extra year will bring. The main thing is accomplishing the goal that I set out to do, getting my bachelors degree. So I know that some thingS might not turn out the way that you want them, but it’s about getting it done that’s what makes it all the more worth it

Personal Pride


A lot of people don’t talk about this because they don’t want to make it seem like they’re bragging about themselves, but nothing is wrong with it. Whenever you are able to do something that you set your mind to I know for a fact that it makes you happy. It lets you know that you can do anything. There might have been some form of obstacle that might have gotten in the way along the way, but being about to push through and do it. Even if some people might think oh you can do that, there’s no possible way that someone like you can even get that close to doing something like.. BRUSH THEM OFF! Let that be your motivation to prove to yourself you can do it and prove them wrong. Having that feeling of accomplishment makes you say okay, I got this, bring on the next challenge! I’ll conquer that also. The hard work that you put into things will pay off. Whether it be now or later you’ll see the positive effects from it, and you’ll feel great about it.

Somebody Might Have It Harder Than You

Crying woman

Not everybody is given the opportunities that some of us might have the chance to obtain. Whether it be a decent job, going to a good school, or just having a decent roof over their heads. I know sometimes we might say OMG  I can’t afford this or why can’t I have that. just think we could be like the people who don’t really have anything. Always take into consideration that even though you might have the basics but your worry and wondering everyday. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll find your next meal, how you’ll be able to afford something you might not need, or even where you’ll lay your head. Be appreciative of the things that you have obtain regardless if it’s big or small.

Motivation is the key to getting things done and doing the things that you love. Keep up with it and the things you work on will go far. Let me know what things you all might do to keep you motivation up. Hope you enjoyed this. HAPPY READING EVERYONE!


New Content Coming Soon

Hi my blog Readers! Hope all is going well with everybody! I know a lot of you have been wondering where I have been and waiting on new content or a new reblog, but I have literally had two family emergencies back to back >.< I swear I can’t catch a break .   I finally have the time this week to sit down, really concentrate and push out something new so be on the look out. You wont be disappointed!! Also I think I have gotten back my understanding of my writing style so I’m gonna attempt a book review again in the new future. Not going to drop any date as of yet but when I do drop it you’ll love it! If you have any request on something you would like me to blog about do hesitate to let me know. Have A Great Day Everyone!!!