6 Thoughts On Becoming A Fifth Year

Hi Hi my blog readers!!! Hope everybody is having a fabulous day! Guess what today  is…. that’s right New Content Day!!! Today’s content is a college tip on Thoughts on Becoming a Fifth Year aka a Super Senior. I got stuck with a harsh reality a few months ago, and learned that with my University changing the curriculum as soon as I transferred in that I was going to be pushed back more than originally planned.  The plan was to be done by December 16 but now the new plan is May 17. Sooo after having a semi melt down and being upset I sat down and thought of the positives that come along with being a Fifth year. I learned why it might not be all that bad, so I thought that I should share them with you all. So lets begin!!!!

  1. Gaining new relationships and friendships– I can honestly say that I’m looking forward to the new relationships and friendships that I’ll be making next year.  The new relationships with  professors will benefit me greatly. Both academically and professionally, especially with my major it’s all about who you know. New friendships are always a welcome to me, I mean come on who doesn’t love making new friends. Just this year I was able to reconnect with one of my old high school friends that I had no idea I would have class with. We have a few classes together next year so that mean building an even stronger friendship again.
  2. New opportunities. New scholarships!! Future internships!!  I plan to at least get one more internship up under my belt before I graduate as of where…NO IDEA! Who knows though I might get an internship that offers me a job as soon as I’m done…getting the hope. I also have the opportunity to graduate with my friend next year who is getting her masters the same time I’ll be getting my bachelors. Super excited about that!
  3. Vacation time. Vacation time is always a good time during the school year.  Summer, Winter, and Spring Break are something that I’m looking forward to. This summer I have the chance to do a virtual internship which is awesome because it means I’m still able to keep my on campus job while still getting experience that I’ll need for the future. I’m hoping to also throw in some weekend road trips in there too.  Spring break is Birthday time no more needs to be said there! 😀 Winter break: I’m escaping from Ohio and going on a cruise, don’t know where to yet but I am leaving!! haha.
  4. Avoiding the deadly student loans I tried my best to avoid getting these little suckers as much as I could but had to eventually give in… Darn you University fees!!!! since I still have one more year I’m able to avoid the repayment of student loans which is a major blessing. But if I do decide to start paying on them a little because im in school it gives me the chance to pay on it while no interest is racking up. Win Win situation!!
  5. Escaping the real world and learning from friends mistakes: As much as I’m looking forward to venturing out in the  real world and getting a job in my field I know that’s when life truly begins. I’m ready but not ready. I’m still in my little escape haven and don’t have to think to much on it. When next spring semester rolls around then I can freak out until then nope!  Since a good amount of my friends and classmates are either graduating this May or December I am able to learn the real world through their eyes and learn from their mistakes. I get to know the do’s and dont’s from them. It will make me a little wiser from the advice that I will get from them in the future.
  6. Taking advantages of perks on campus:  I didn’t realize that I still have so many perks with being on the campus for another year: job fairs, free resume reviews, knowing the good nap spots, and student discounts who doesn’t love the discounts!!  They will come in handy

So with that being said those are my thoughts on being a fifth year. Even though it’s not going as I planned it’s still a new plan in the making and I’ve realized that I’m not alone. If any students are in my same position just think on the positives things. Everybody takes their own pace when it comes to obtaining that degree. Being a super senior gives you even more time to learn yourself and really think more on what you want to do in life. Everything happens for a reason. Don’t freak out that you’re not done in four years its okay, at the end of the day you still going to be able to say you did it! SO Work Hard, Study Hard and Have fun. Happy Reading Everyone!!!!

New Content Coming Soon

Hi my blog Readers! Hope all is going well with everybody! I know a lot of you have been wondering where I have been and waiting on new content or a new reblog, but I have literally had two family emergencies back to back >.< I swear I can’t catch a break .   I finally have the time this week to sit down, really concentrate and push out something new so be on the look out. You wont be disappointed!! Also I think I have gotten back my understanding of my writing style so I’m gonna attempt a book review again in the new future. Not going to drop any date as of yet but when I do drop it you’ll love it! If you have any request on something you would like me to blog about do hesitate to let me know. Have A Great Day Everyone!!!

Guess Who’s Back!!!!

Good morning my fellow blog readers, guess who is back and better than ever…THIS GIRL!!!! 🙂 . So happy to finally be all better and back to my normal self. I promise you all it felt like I was starting to go through blog withdraws haha. Sooo since I’m all better you know what that means..New Content!! I will be pushing out new content for this Thursday so keep you eyes peeled my lovelies you won’t be disappointed. SO did my daily morning reading of blogs and came across this great one that’s a college tip and a life tip all rolled into one because we all know life in college is not easy. This article gives us the reality check that some of us just might need because I know a lot of us are nearing almost a month left of the semester and everybody is bound to be freaking out I know I sure am, but the main thing right now is to take a deep breath and realize its going to be okay that’s just the college life for you. This article let’s us take a  deep breather that we need and have a moment of contentment even if it’s just for a few minutes. Let me know how the article is going to help you out while finishing up the rest of the semester, don’t hesitate to share it also. Have a Great Day and Happy Reading Everyone!!!


First of all, let me thank God for helping me to survive my first year in college (THANK YOU LORD! THE BEST KA TALAGA!) I’ve been so inactive since 2016 entered. I really want to write and blog so badly but unfortunately my schedule is too frenzy plus I don’t know how to start it […]

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