Alexei (Her Russian Protector #8)


Hi everybody this is the very first blog post for book reviews. I decided to kick it off with a book review of one of the many books that I have read. The book that I decided to go with was a recent release by one of my favorite authors Roxie Rivera. She has been MIA for about a year in a half now due to health problems but decided to drop this lovely little joy bomb on her readers. I was beyond excited and can you say hello to a very unproductive day with reading this :p , but without further a due let’s get started on the book review that you’ve all been waiting so patiently for.

Alexei Her Russian Protector is a stand alone story that follows the rest of the Her Russian Protector series 1-7. The main characters for this book are Shay Sandoval and Alexei Sarnov. They are first introduced to us in the short stories A Very Russian Christmas. The book is told from first person by Shay and third person from Alexei.  I want to give you all a little background on the main characters. Shay is a college graduate, she works for a cleaning company that sometimes has to go to Alexei’s car dealership that he owns, she has her own designing website where she makes purses and handbags. Alexei is a very wealthy man who has made a way for himself to have a legit business and getting away from the Russian mafia, although he still is very close friends with the people still apart of that life namely his old boss, Nikolai Kalasnikov.  He is the Russian mafia boss of Houston Texas who has been introduced   in previous books for the series and also has two of his own books which are: Nikolai Her Russian Protector book #4 and #6. This book also lets us see many familiar faces from previous books also.

Alexei and Shay’s relationship is one that starts as a friendship but leads to something more when her sister causes problems. Shay’s Sister Shannon along with her boyfriend Ruben get into trouble way over their heads with an IST theft deal that leads to putting Shay’s life in danger; they set out on the run which leaves Shay to deal with problems she knew nothing of.  This leads to her being in the protection of Alexei who knows he wants Shay but doesn’t believe that he can give her the life that she wants which is full of love he feels he’s incapable of giving. With Shay playing the role of Alexei’s mistress Alexei is constantly finding himself cleaning up the messes that Shay makes with trying to save her sister. The sex scenes are very intimate, seductive and romantic.  Even though Alexei is always trying to woo and romance Shay his actions sometimes prove a different story and leaves Shay stuck in the dark. Their bodyguard Stas doesn’t help the constant wandering of her mind by filling it with things that she is supposed to accept in her position. The building of their romantic relationship is a slow and frustrating one but in the end it is very sweet. I wasn’t to fond of how the story ended I feel like there should have been a little more but who knows maybe there more to come in a new book that Roxie Rivera has up her sleeves. All in All I give the book four stars out of five. Happy reading everybody!!