Summer School? Ew.


Good Morning Everyone!!! Hope everybody is having a great day! Found this great posting that involves….SUMMER CLASSES!!! I know right eww summer classes BUT the job has to get done. This posting helps by giving a few tips on how to deal with the summer classes. Hope you enjoy it, Happy Reading Everyone!!!!!

While summer courses can have its drawbacks, have a look at these easy tips to conquer your summer back.

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How to Improve Your Memory: 6 Simple Ways to Remember Better — Improve My Life This Year

Good Morning Everyone!! Found this excellent life tip on improving the memory! Everyone wants to always keep their memory sharp. So take a look at this and let me know how theses tips will work out for you! Happy Reading Everyone!!!

Quick, what was the name of that new colleague you were introduced to last week? Who won the Super Bowl in 2008? What was the name of that cool website you saw last month? Your passport number? Do questions like these leave you grasping in the dark? Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell […]

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How Students Survive Finals Week

May the curve be in all my fellow college students favor!!! Happy Reading Everyone!!!

Now that finals are over and I’m a day away from being a college graduate *joyful sobs* I decided to let everyone in on a little secret. How we survive finals week. You’ve seen the memes on pintrest, you’ve heard people talk about it and maybe even got a taste of the stress in High […]