London Bound Girl!

Hey hey my blog readers!!! These past few weeks have been massively crazy! Studying for finals and doing last-minute homework for classes… OMG! I’m so happy it’s almost over and I definitely need a vacation. Which is exactly what I will be getting this Friday… I am leaving to go to London!!! Even though it’s still for school, a field experience but I am still  beyond excited!  So while I’m there expect to see a tiny transformation of this blog going into a travel blog while I’m there. My UK blog readers if you have any advice on what to see while I’m there or anybody else that has been there, feel free to email me and let me know. Expect a lot of pictures!!! Happy Reading Everyone!!!


4 Ways to Fake It ‘Till You Make It

GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE AND HAPPY MONDAY!!! Hope all my fellow blog readers weekend went great! Mines on the other hand….dear god so much homework. I died a little inside from all of it. LUCKILY it’s all over now and a new week begins. Today going through my daily blog reader I absolutely loved this article. Fake It To You Make It which what a lot of people do today even I do it. This gives you a more detail on how you can do it 10x better. Even though you might not be 100 percent sure that you got everything down pack but if you make it seem like you do and still accomplish the goals that you need too.. you are a okay in my book! Keep you eyes peal for new content this week also my blog readers. Also leave a comment and let me know how this article relates to you or just how busy your weekend was. HAPPY READING EVERYONE!!!

So, the other day I was informed that people actually think that I have my life together and with that I laughed a little. While I personally don’t feel that I have my life together, I feel l…

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8 Habits of Highly Successful People

Good Morning my blog readers. Doing my daily blog reading and thought  to share this with you all. Everybody wants to know how to always better themselves as a person and this blog gives you tips on just how to do that. Success is the key! Happy Reading Everyone!!!

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