Break Time 

Hi my blog readers, hope everything is going well with everyone. I know some of you have probably been thinking where the heck I’ve has kidnapped me. As you all know this is my last year of college so that means tougher classes for my senior year. If I’m not studying or working I’m knocked out sleep… which means I have no time to write out blog content 😕. So for this month I’m taking a break. The plan for this month is to get everything settled with school, then around thanksgiving break I’ll be drafting up blog content to be published in December. I will still be taking request for book reviews so feel free to get in contact with me through email. Expect some good stuff in December guys!!! Talk to you all soon!! 😊

London Bound Girl!

Hey hey my blog readers!!! These past few weeks have been massively crazy! Studying for finals and doing last-minute homework for classes… OMG! I’m so happy it’s almost over and I definitely need a vacation. Which is exactly what I will be getting this Friday… I am leaving to go to London!!! Even though it’s still for school, a field experience but I am still  beyond excited!  So while I’m there expect to see a tiny transformation of this blog going into a travel blog while I’m there. My UK blog readers if you have any advice on what to see while I’m there or anybody else that has been there, feel free to email me and let me know. Expect a lot of pictures!!! Happy Reading Everyone!!!


New Content Coming Soon

Hi my blog Readers! Hope all is going well with everybody! I know a lot of you have been wondering where I have been and waiting on new content or a new reblog, but I have literally had two family emergencies back to back >.< I swear I can’t catch a break .   I finally have the time this week to sit down, really concentrate and push out something new so be on the look out. You wont be disappointed!! Also I think I have gotten back my understanding of my writing style so I’m gonna attempt a book review again in the new future. Not going to drop any date as of yet but when I do drop it you’ll love it! If you have any request on something you would like me to blog about do hesitate to let me know. Have A Great Day Everyone!!!