Guess Who’s Back!!!!

Good morning my fellow blog readers, guess who is back and better than ever…THIS GIRL!!!! 🙂 . So happy to finally be all better and back to my normal self. I promise you all it felt like I was starting to go through blog withdraws haha. Sooo since I’m all better you know what that means..New Content!! I will be pushing out new content for this Thursday so keep you eyes peeled my lovelies you won’t be disappointed. SO did my daily morning reading of blogs and came across this great one that’s a college tip and a life tip all rolled into one because we all know life in college is not easy. This article gives us the reality check that some of us just might need because I know a lot of us are nearing almost a month left of the semester and everybody is bound to be freaking out I know I sure am, but the main thing right now is to take a deep breath and realize its going to be okay that’s just the college life for you. This article let’s us take a  deep breather that we need and have a moment of contentment even if it’s just for a few minutes. Let me know how the article is going to help you out while finishing up the rest of the semester, don’t hesitate to share it also. Have a Great Day and Happy Reading Everyone!!!


First of all, let me thank God for helping me to survive my first year in college (THANK YOU LORD! THE BEST KA TALAGA!) I’ve been so inactive since 2016 entered. I really want to write and blog so badly but unfortunately my schedule is too frenzy plus I don’t know how to start it […]

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Managing Stress 101

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday Everyone! Thank god the weekend is finally here because I truly need to get a jump start on spring break. College has officially fried my brain this week. But while going through my blog reader I found an article that’s super helpful.  I’m going to really try and do the things that it talks about far as coping with stress, because stress is my middle name. My friends know me as the always on the go type of girl so when I finally do take a rest their favorite words to use once I tell them are good you need it haha! This can be a major help to my college students and even my non-college students because hey we all go through some form of stress. Let me know how this article will help you or what might be some other forms of alternate stress relief ways that help you. Please like and share this my lovely blog readers. Happy Reading Everyone!!!!

Stress. The reflex everyone has, and nobody wants. Stress has been perceived as a bad thing that people are constantly trying to get rid of, but there’s a secret; there is no way to get compl…

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4 Ways to Fake It ‘Till You Make It

GOOD AFTERNOON EVERYONE AND HAPPY MONDAY!!! Hope all my fellow blog readers weekend went great! Mines on the other hand….dear god so much homework. I died a little inside from all of it. LUCKILY it’s all over now and a new week begins. Today going through my daily blog reader I absolutely loved this article. Fake It To You Make It which what a lot of people do today even I do it. This gives you a more detail on how you can do it 10x better. Even though you might not be 100 percent sure that you got everything down pack but if you make it seem like you do and still accomplish the goals that you need too.. you are a okay in my book! Keep you eyes peal for new content this week also my blog readers. Also leave a comment and let me know how this article relates to you or just how busy your weekend was. HAPPY READING EVERYONE!!!

So, the other day I was informed that people actually think that I have my life together and with that I laughed a little. While I personally don’t feel that I have my life together, I feel l…

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