How to Improve Your Memory: 6 Simple Ways to Remember Better — Improve My Life This Year

Good Morning Everyone!! Found this excellent life tip on improving the memory! Everyone wants to always keep their memory sharp. So take a look at this and let me know how theses tips will work out for you! Happy Reading Everyone!!!

Quick, what was the name of that new colleague you were introduced to last week? Who won the Super Bowl in 2008? What was the name of that cool website you saw last month? Your passport number? Do questions like these leave you grasping in the dark? Ask any of my friends and they’ll tell […]

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First Guest Blog

Good Morning Everyone!!! Hope all my blog readers day is going well. I have some exciting news for you all…I did my first guest blog! I am beyond excited about it!!  I want you all go check it out and let me know your thoughts on the content. Here is the link  Hope you enjoy and Happy Reading Everyone!!!

21 Things You Should Do and Learn When You’re 21 — Slapdash

Good Morning my fellow blog readers!!!!  Hope everybody’s week is going well, I’m beyond excited for this weekend.  I have a fashion show to do…YAY!!! If I am able to share pictures you all will you definitely be able to see :). SO found this article doing my daily routine of blog readings the main topic today was life tips and this one really caught my eye. Even though I have only  recently just left the 21 age group I still am finding these life tips very useful. Some of the things in here can honestly pertain to any age group. Let me know what you think and how some of these life tips will change your outlook on the future. Don’t forget to share and like my lovelies. Happy Reading Everyone!!!

You should learn to be independent. Be it walking alone on the way home, eating at a restaurant alone or going shopping alone. Point is, you should never rely on the presence of anyone to do your own thing. It’s your life. Control it. Live it. Given the latter, be in control of your own […]

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