6 Tips On Preparing For Exams

HI HI my fellow blog readers. Hope everybody’s day is going fabulous. So I know a lot of my college students have been in school for about a month or so now. During this time you’ve either already had an exam and another one is coming up or your about to have your fist exam soon.¬† All in All you have to prepare for the exam. I thought of a few tips that could help you prepare for you exam and wanted to share them with you. So lets begin. ūüôā

Prepare Study Cards– Writing down things you study on note cards can go a long way. It’s the easiest way to test yourself without having to look on a paper full of notes. I’m not saying give up on note taking¬† studying if that works for you then by all means do it! Do what you can to get that A that you want. Doing study cards helps you to pick out the main points without having to write everything down. When it comes to vocabulary note cards will be your best friends.

now-later-procrastination_squareStudy At A Reasonable Time- Procrastinating can be your biggest enemy. I know some of you might say “but I work best when im under pressure”… DONT DO IT! Study for that exam early. Try not to put yourself in a stressful situation that you can avoid. Your brain will thank you, your grades will thank you, and your sleep pattern will thank you. Studying earlier wont kill you, it will help more so than anything. In fact you’ll feel even more prepared if you study in advanced whereas if you were to cram study¬† for your exam.¬† Your efforts won’t go ignored and you’ll definitely be able to reap the benefits from them.

Read It Out Loud– I’ve come to notice that with some subjects that you can’t just read the material in silence. You have to be able to hear yourself reading in order to really retain what you are learning. When you do this it seem like you can really understand what you trying to retain. You don’t have to do it for everything but at least try it once. See how it helps you when you get into study mode. Hearing yourself read something out loud can help you better understand something that might not have been so easy to understand in somebody’s elses voice. This is the time to really start enjoying hearing yourself speak.

Summarize-Summarize, Summarize, Summarize!!! You don’t have to try to write everything down, it might become too much information to retain and your hands will hate you tremendously.¬† Summarizing helps a lot. Your able to write down a good amount BUT, your also writing down the key main points that you will need to remember. This way you are able to go back and review. Say you need to go back and review a paragraph from one of your books. Instead of writing the whole paragraph down try an summarize it or write a side note about it. That way if you want to go back and reread that paragraph you’ll be able to get the jest of it, without having to write the whole thing down. All you will¬† be studying are¬† the main things that you’ll need to know.

sleep-is-goodGet Some Sleep– I know, I know when you think of studying the last thing on your mind is sleep. Your thinking of allnighters, how much studying can you get in before you pass out, or how much coffee can you drink to keep you awake and function during the day…PLEASE GET SOME SLEEP! Your body will thank you and your mind will be able to function a little better during the day. In order to give your best and have excellent concentration while taking exams you require sleep. Give your body and mind just as much effort to recover just as you will be giving that exam.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself– I know college is stressful, taking an exam doesn’t add to that stress. They can make or break you especially when it comes to your grades. If you’re like me then anxiety is an evil little thing that exist and sneaks up on you, and I wish it didn’t. But even though preparing for exam can be stressful don’t let it consume you. You’ll make yourself sick and even more stressed out. I know you want to make sure that you retain all that you need to retain and want to make sure you get a decent grade. It means nothing is you’re not enjoying what your learn. I know the school system is so heavily involved on grades but don’t forget why you’re majoring in what you’re majoring in. Remember that¬† purpose you started out with in the beginning . Think of the positive and not so much the negative. When you do this things will go by a lot smoother and will all be worth it.

Those are my tips for Preparing for Exams. Let me know a few tips that you go by to prepare yourself for exam. Hope you all enjoyed it. HAPPY READING EVERYONE!!!!!


5 Things That Keep You Motivated

HI HI MY BLOG READERS! Brief update on life.. I started my last year of college and OMG when I say my sleeping schedule is out of whack it is all the way out of whack! I had to figure out a new schedule to push out content. Since school is back in session I want to be able to give you all the best while not being overwhelmed. So I decided posting a few times a month works best for me at the moment.¬† This way I’m able to balance out everything and give everything my all. ūüôā SO! The new content for this post is 5 Things that Keep You Motivated. Everybody needs motivation no matter where it comes from.¬† Be it family, friends, or from accomplishments, it helps us get the job done. Here are a few things that I felt could keep a person motivated.



To me family is the¬† BIGGEST motivation. You want them to be proud of the person that you¬† have become , and the accomplishments that you have made throughout life. Let them know all the raising they did¬† and things that they taught you¬† didn’t go to waste, it kept your head straight and right where it needed to be. Even if you might not have agreed with everything they said. They will always be behind you every step of the way when nobody else will. Making your family proud of you should be the biggest push that you need and aim for.


You never know what opportunity will come knocking at your door. Whether it’s a new job, new internship, or a new connection. Opportunities are an abundant and there something to look forward to. Put in your all when it comes to work. I know that sometimes it might get hard and you want to give up but…DON’T! You never know who is watching or seeing the great things that you are doing.¬† Also meet new people you never know how you can help them out in the long run or how they might be able to help you out. A connection goes a long way.




Everybody has goals. Some goals might be small and some goals might be big but everybody has the same agenda.. accomplishing those goals. Being able to reach those goals really make you feel like you can do anything. Some goals might take longer than others but the main thing is being able to complete those goal. For example five years of college was not in the goal list but life worked out a little differently. I know it’s not what I had planned for but you know what I never know what that extra year will bring. The main thing is accomplishing the goal that I set out to do, getting my bachelors degree. So I know that some thingS might not turn out the way that you want them, but it’s about getting it done that’s what makes it all the more worth it

Personal Pride


A lot of people don’t talk about this because they don’t want to make it seem like they’re bragging about themselves, but nothing is wrong with it. Whenever you are able to do something that you set your mind to I know for a fact that it makes you happy. It lets you know that you can do anything. There might have been some form of obstacle that might have gotten in the way along the way, but being about to push through and do it. Even if some people might think oh you can do that, there’s no possible way that someone like you can even get that close to doing something like.. BRUSH THEM OFF! Let that be your motivation to prove to yourself you can do it and prove them wrong. Having that feeling of accomplishment makes you say okay, I got this, bring on the next challenge! I’ll conquer that also. The hard work that you put into things will pay off. Whether it be now or later you’ll see the positive effects from it, and you’ll feel great about it.

Somebody Might Have It Harder Than You

Crying woman

Not everybody is given the opportunities that some of us might have the chance to obtain. Whether it be a decent job, going to a good school, or just having a decent roof over their heads. I know sometimes we might say OMG¬† I can’t afford this or why can’t I have that. just think we could be like the people who don’t really have anything. Always take into consideration that even though you might have the basics but your worry and wondering everyday. You don’t have to worry about how you’ll find your next meal, how you’ll be able to afford something you might not need, or even where you’ll lay your head. Be appreciative of the things that you have obtain regardless if it’s big or small.

Motivation is the key to getting things done and doing the things that you love. Keep up with it and the things you work on will go far. Let me know what things you all might do to keep you motivation up. Hope you enjoyed this. HAPPY READING EVERYONE!


9 Pros and Cons of Studying Abroad

Hi Hi my blog readers!!¬† About a two months ago I was given the opportunity to do an internship aboard. I enjoyed going to a new country so much, if given the chance I would love to do one again. Since returning home I’ve had a lot of time to ponder on my travels and thought about a few of the pros and cons with studying aboard; I thought I would share those . So here are 9 Pros and Cons of studying abroad.


1. Culture Shock


Although I might have traveled to an English-speaking country the Culture shock was still amazing. From how things are run to how people get around the country. Little norms that you would expect to be the same weren’t. It’s a good way to really learn about the country that you are in. The best thing to do when going to another country is having an open mind. To them things that we¬† might do may seem weird or might make us stand out to them. I know for a fact my accent was the main thing that made me stick out from the locals but after a while it was a go with the flow through the rest of my trip

2. Experience

Studying aboard is an experience that you will never forget. It allows you to see the world from a different perspective and allow you to knock down a lot of stereotypes or views that you might have for another country. You get that first hand one on one experience that not a lot of people my have the benefit of being able to do. Heck you even get the chance to take courses that aren’t offered in your country that can really interest you.¬† After you’ve experienced this your mind will be put into a whole new meaning that will allow you to have a better understanding of how different parts of the world work and function.


Glorious Food!!! You get to expand your taste buds to try new foods that you never would have thought to even try. You learn to love what the locals like and really enjoy it.¬† In my case I tried a food that was here in the states in another country….The other country won for that food. Of course you’ll be able to brag a little by letting your friend know all the different things that you tried. In the process you can convince them to try foods that were similar to the foods where you were studying, as the saying goes you’ll never know if you like it until you try it. I’m sure somebody is dying to know what the food taste like. Learn a few recipes while your there that way when you come back you can fix them at home. Doing this helps when you having a little withdraws from the country you stayed a abundance amount of time in and you’ll feel like your right back there.

4. Friendship

With attending a new college means gaining new friends whether it be making friends in that country or making friends that are from the same country or program as you. These friendships will last a lifetime. You’ll be able to relate to those studying aboard and have a lot in common with them. This will be a unique experience that will allow you to really appreciate the friends that you have. Also if you looking to vacation somewhere along the line in the future what better place to go back to where you have made friendships in.

5. Learning a New Language 


Who doesn’t love learning a new language! Being bilingual is awesome and it looks great on your resume when you go to apply for jobs. Learning a new language also challenges yourself and your mind to do more a lot¬† thinking and processing than the average person has to do. In a sense your, your own little super hero. Being able to talk to your new friends especially in their native tongue makes your really feel like your one of them and not some random person just studying abroad. You build new relationships over learning a new relationship whether it be at home or where your studying at.¬† Major plus is when you come back home everybody will be so amazed at you knowing another language. Having a feeling of pride about accomplishing something that you wanted to do will please you greatly.


6. Budgeting

Learning how to budget in a new country is so different from home. Especially when it comes to the currency exchange rate. You have to make sure that you not over spending and staying within the limit. I’m not saying that if you see something you like that you can’t get it, by all means get it! BUT the main thing is knowing if you’ll be okay after you get it. You don’t want to by a 100 dollar item and be stuck for the rest of the week wondering how in the world are you going to eat for the rest of the week. It’s about making sacrifices that you know will benefit you in the end. If you don’t figure out how to do it the right way you’ll be pushing out a lot more money than you hope to do so. Ask students that have been abroad how they budgeted or look up different things on the internet that tells you about really understanding how to budget.

7. Homesick


The homesickness will come eventually whether it be days, weeks, or months from now it will settle in slowly. You will miss your friends and family back home. I can’t tell you how much I missed my mom it was ridiculous. I thought I totally got this I’ll be okay…nope!¬† She got a phone call and multiples texts all throughout the day, not that she really minded. Although I did become homesick I got a huge level of independence with being over there. If your starting to feel home sick try to make as many friends as you can, who knows you might even get adopted into a new family while your overseas. You’ll feel less and less of that huge feeling of homesickness.¬† But don’t forget while you meeting new people to keep in touch with your family to let them know all of your experiences that you are getting.

Pro and Con

8. and 9. Adapting to a new place

Adapting to a new place can be a pro and con depending on how you look at it from your perspective. It’s all about learning the new ways, improving your language skills, and handling the new university course load. All of these things are new and challenging.¬† It’s about whether you’re ready to¬† take the challenge and go head first or continue to struggle constantly. Challenging yourself should be your biggest motivation when it comes to adapting to a new environment, seeing what’s new out there for you in order to learn yourself. It might be rough in the beginning but in the end it will definitely be worth it in the end.

Well those are my thoughts on studying abroad. I hoped you liked them and that they will be very useful in the near future. HAPPY READING EVERYONE!!!!!!