Guess Who’s Back!!!!

Good morning my fellow blog readers, guess who is back and better than ever…THIS GIRL!!!! 🙂 . So happy to finally be all better and back to my normal self. I promise you all it felt like I was starting to go through blog withdraws haha. Sooo since I’m all better you know what that means..New Content!! I will be pushing out new content for this Thursday so keep you eyes peeled my lovelies you won’t be disappointed. SO did my daily morning reading of blogs and came across this great one that’s a college tip and a life tip all rolled into one because we all know life in college is not easy. This article gives us the reality check that some of us just might need because I know a lot of us are nearing almost a month left of the semester and everybody is bound to be freaking out I know I sure am, but the main thing right now is to take a deep breath and realize its going to be okay that’s just the college life for you. This article let’s us take a  deep breather that we need and have a moment of contentment even if it’s just for a few minutes. Let me know how the article is going to help you out while finishing up the rest of the semester, don’t hesitate to share it also. Have a Great Day and Happy Reading Everyone!!!


First of all, let me thank God for helping me to survive my first year in college (THANK YOU LORD! THE BEST KA TALAGA!) I’ve been so inactive since 2016 entered. I really want to write and blog so badly but unfortunately my schedule is too frenzy plus I don’t know how to start it […]

via College ain’t easy bruh — ESCRN.D

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