Sick Girl/Update :(

Hi my bloggees as you can see from the title I wind up catching a cold over the weekend and am still trying to recover. I know I said that I was going to put out new content this week, but I can barely sit up or stare at a computer for a good amount of time in order to write something. So next week you might see new content depending  on how I feel and other reblogs from great articles that I find. I’m not going to make any promises. Sorry to disappoint you all but I have to heal first then give the blog my best again. Have A Great Day Everyone!!

4 thoughts on “Sick Girl/Update :(

  1. So important to look after yourself first. At least you get a chance to read around a little bit and do some research for when you come back! Glad you’re getting better.

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    1. I’m taking all the cold medicine that I can to get back on my feet but doing it slow and steady don’t want to rush it. That’s so true though! I have done a ton of reading so I have a bunch to share when I’m fully able to come back. Thank you! 🙂


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