Managing Stress 101

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday Everyone! Thank god the weekend is finally here because I truly need to get a jump start on spring break. College has officially fried my brain this week. But while going through my blog reader I found an article that’s super helpful.  I’m going to really try and do the things that it talks about far as coping with stress, because stress is my middle name. My friends know me as the always on the go type of girl so when I finally do take a rest their favorite words to use once I tell them are good you need it haha! This can be a major help to my college students and even my non-college students because hey we all go through some form of stress. Let me know how this article will help you or what might be some other forms of alternate stress relief ways that help you. Please like and share this my lovely blog readers. Happy Reading Everyone!!!!

Stress. The reflex everyone has, and nobody wants. Stress has been perceived as a bad thing that people are constantly trying to get rid of, but there’s a secret; there is no way to get compl…

Source: Managing Stress 101

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