How to handle the mid-semester mark

TGIF!!!! Hello my fellow blog readers! The weekend has graced us with its presence again finally. I know that I definitely needed a break to heal my brain. Exams this week were no bueno >.<. THANK  GOD ITS OVER!!! So with my  every day blog reading routine I found this article that hits all my college students right at heart….midterms. This article gives you a little insight on how you can handle the mid semester blues while still keeping that motivation you need. Hope it helps you all my lovely blog readers. Happy Reading Everyone!! Also I’ll be putting together new content this weekend so keep your eyes open next week and you wont be disappointed.


Hey everyone, we’ve finally reached the mid-semester mark, and we all (unfortunately) know what that means: midterms. And projects. And more midterms. It’s the point in the semester when we all question why we chose college to begin with, if it’s too late to drop that one class that is way too much work, and […]

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